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    PowerPact L-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    A flexible, high-performance offer, certified to global standards for ratings from 70 to 600 A

    The PowerPact H, J, and L-frame circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. H and J-frame circuit breakers are available with either thermal-magnetic or Micrologic electronic trip units. L-frame circuit breakers are available with Micrologic electronic trip units only.

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    PowerPact L-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    PowerPact L-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers

          • Best price
            LDL36250U31X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic3.3,250A,3P,600V,14kA

            4827.00 USD
          • Best price
            LLL36250U31X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic3.3,250A,3P,600V,50kA

            9918.00 USD
          • Best price
            LDL36400U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,400A,3P,600V,14kA

            8149.00 USD
          • Best price
            LDL36600U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,600A,3P,600V,14kA

            10431.00 USD
          • Best price
            LGL36400U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,400A,3P,600V,18kA

            8578.00 USD
          • Best price
            LGL36600U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,600A,3P,600V,18kA

            10980.00 USD
          • Best price
            LJL36400U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,400A,3P,600V,25kA

            11975.00 USD
          • Best price
            LJL36600U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,600A,3P,600V,25kA

            14037.00 USD
          • Best price
            LLL36400U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,400A,3P,600V,50kA

            13415.00 USD
          • Best price
            LLL36600U44X Picture


            PowerPact L Circuit Breaker,Micrologic6.3A,600A,3P,600V,50kA

            15333.00 USD