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    Zelio Control

    Monitoring and Control Relays RM17 - RM22 - RM35 - REG

    Zelio Control relays monitor and detect abnormal operating conditions concerning phase,current,voltage,frequency,speed,or temperature. The relays inform users of abnormal conditions, and allow them to initiate the necessary corrective actions before serious and costly breakdown can occur.

    Zelio Control

    Zelio Control

          • Best price
            RM17TA00 Picture


            multifunction control relay RM17-TA - range 183..528 V AC

            177.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM17TE00 Picture


            multifunction control relay RM17-TE - range 183..528 V AC

            217.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM35TF30 Picture


            multifunction phase control relay RM35-T - range 194..528 V AC

            273.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM17TG00 Picture


            phase control relay RM17-T - range 183..528 V AC

            114.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM17TG20 Picture


            phase control relay RM17-T - range 183..484 V AC

            125.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM17TT00 Picture


            multifunction control relay RM17-TT - range 183..528 V AC

            136.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM17TU00 Picture


            multifunction control relay RM17-TU - range 183..528 V AC

            131.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM35TM50MW Picture


            motor voltage and temperature control relay - RM35-T - 24..240 V AC/DC - 2 NO

            221.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM35TM250MW Picture


            motor voltage and temperature control relay - RM35-T - 24..240 V AC/DC - 2 NO

            231.00 USD
          • Best price
            RM22TG20 Picture


            three-Phase control relay 183…528Vac, 2 C/O

            72.05 USD