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    Spacial S3CM

    Steel command enclosures for human-machine interface

    The Spacial S3CM creates the ideal control steel command enclosures for human-machine interface which combines robustness with aesthetics and ergonomics.

    Spacial S3CM

    Spacial S3CM

          • Best price
            NSYS3CM303020 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM. H300xW300xD200IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            578.80 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM304020 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM. H300xW400xD200IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            623.06 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM404020 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM. H400xW400xD200IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            660.31 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM406025 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM H400xW600xD250 IP54, IK10, RAL7035. Rear door.

            864.65 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM505025 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM H500xW500xD250IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            959.96 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM606020 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM. H600xW600xD200 IP54, IK10, RAL7035. Rear door.

            1057.21 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM608030 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM H600xW800xD300IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            619.15 USD
          • Best price
            NSYS3CM806030 Picture


            HMI encl. Spacial S3CM. H800xW600xD300IP54 IK10, RAL7035.Rear door.

            1305.97 USD