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NEMA Type S Motor Starters (8536 8736 8606)

Available NEMA size 00-7 for non-reversing and NEMA size 00-5 for reversing electric motor applications

Class 8536 and Class 8736 Type S magnetic starters are used to switch AC inductive motors with a variety of overload relay options. Type S NEMA motor starters are designed for operation at 600 VAC max, up to 600hp and with a max of 810A

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NEMA Type S Motor Starters (8536 8736 8606)
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NEMA Type S Motor Starters (8536 8736 8606)

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          Non-Reversing Starter Size 1, 2-Pole, Bi-Metallic Overload, NEMA 1, 240VAC 60Hz