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Type S Contactors

Available in NEMA size 00-7

Used to switch heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors where overload protection is separately provided

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Type S Contactors
      • 155 products available

        • Best price
          Schneider Eletric 3109632055 Picture


          Replacement coil, 440/480VAC 50/60Hz, NEMA size 5 and 300 Amp contactor

          600.00 USD

        • Best price
          Schneider Eletric 3109900950 Picture


          Mechanical interlock for NEMA type S NEMA Size 4 and 5 contactors

          232.00 USD

        • Best price
          Schneider Eletric 3110208101 Picture


          Lug kit, 4-500MCM, NEMA size 5, series B
        • Best price
          Schneider Eletric 3110440050 Picture


          Replacement coil, all voltages, NEMA size 6-7 and 400-800 Amp contactor

          860.00 USD

        • Best price
          Schneider Eletric 3112351450 Picture


          Coil excitation control module, NEMA size 6-7

          1,574.00 USD