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    Altivar 61 Variable Frequency Drives VFD

    Drives for variable torque from 1 to 900 HP. For the latest in high-performance drives for pump and fan applications consider using an Altivar Process ATV600 family drive

    Frequency inverters for 3-phase asynchronous motors from 1 to 900 HP, variable torque applications for 575-690V applications. For 230V and 460V drive applications consider the new Altivar Process ATV600 drive family.

    Altivar 61 Variable Frequency Drives VFD

    Altivar 61 Variable Frequency Drives VFD

          • Best price
            ATV61HD90N4D Picture


            SPEED DRIVE, 125HP,460V-NO DC CHOKE

            7668.00 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC31N4 Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 500 hp - 460 V

            27294.10 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC31N4D Picture


            SPEED DRIVE,500HP,460V,ATV61 NO DC CHOKE

            26201.60 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC40N4D Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 400kW 600HP - 380...480V - IP20 - wo DC choke

            36613.20 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC50N4 Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 500kW 700HP - 380...480V - IP20

            53082.00 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC50N4D Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 700 hp - 460 V - no choke

            50959.20 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HC63N4 Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 630kW 900HP - 380...480V - IP20

            76722.00 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HD22N4 Picture


            ATV61 22 kW 30HP 480V 3 phases EMC IP20 with graphic term

            3042.00 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HD22N4S337 Picture


            variable speed drive ATV61 - 22kW 30HP - 380...480V - IP20 - reinforced

            3650.00 USD
          • Best price
            ATV61HD30N4 Picture


            ATV61 30 kW 40HP 480V 3 phases EMC IP20 with graph

            3744.00 USD