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    Sepam series 40

    Protection Relays for Demanding Applications

    Digital protection relays for current and voltage protection, for any distribution system.

    Sepam series 40
    • Features

      The Sepam series 40 includes 13 types of Sepam. One type of Sepam is dedicated to one application.

      • 3 types of User-Machine Interface
      • 4 current inputs
      • 3 voltage inputs
      • 10 logic inputs 8
      • 8 relay outputs
      • logic equation editor
      • 1 Modbus communication port
      • 16 temperature sensor inputs

      Contractual warranty
      Period : 2 years


      Simplicity and performance, headed in the right direction
      Protect your power system with full peace of mind using Sepam protection relays.

      • 20 years of experience in digital relays
      • A consistent range of relays organised according to applications


      • S40, S41, S42, S50, S51, S52, S53: substation incomer and feeder protection
      • T40, T42, T50, T52: transformer protection
      • M41: motor protection
      • G40: generator protection


      • Sepam with basic UMI
      • Sepam with integrated advanced UMI
      • Sepam with remote advanced UMI