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PowerLogic CM4000T series

High performance meters for mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks with high speed transient detection capability.

PowerLogic power-monitoring meters help improve power quality and reduce energy costs for high- and low-voltage networks.

PowerLogic CM4000T series
  • Features

    The Series 4000 Circuit Monitor is available in two versions:
    • CM4250 - Highly accurate and equipped with one of the most powerful processors in it's class, the CM4250 circuit monitor provides the power and functionality needed to control energy costs and increase power system reliability.
    • CM4000T -  Ideal for critical power and large energy users who cannot afford to be shut down, the CM4000T can detect and record transient voltages that exceed the voltage withstand of sensitive equipment.

    • Detection and capture of voltage sags and swells
    • Detection and capture of short transients — 0.2 µs (CM4000T)
    • Flicker measurement per IEC61000-4-15, 2003 (CM4000T) 
    • Anti-aliasing filters to reduce metering error (CM4250)
    • Measures interharmonics (CM4250)
    • Power quality evaluation against EN 50160 standard
    • Disturbance direction detection - Indicates whether a disturbance originated upstream or downstream from the meter
    • Ultra-fast recording of electrical parameters every second, 100 ms, or every cycle
    • Energy trending and forecasting
    • Alarm setpoint learning — Patented feature, takes the guesswork out of alarm configuration
    • Extensive onboard memory (up to 32 MB) to capture billing data, events, and waveforms.
    • High speed Ethernet communications (optional) with server for HTML pages
    • Alarm notification via email — Learn of problems fast
    • Flexible I/O — Up to 25 inputs/outputs
    • Highly accurate — IEC 60687 and ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2S for energy

    Disturbance Direction Detection
    Discover how the PowerLogic metering feature disturbance direction detection (DDD) can determine if a voltage disturbance occurred upstream or downstream of the, including utility side or facility side, to help pinpoint the source of the power quality problem and minimize downtime.


    The PowerLogic Circuit Monitor CM4000 helps you:
    • Reduce energy costs
    • Improve power quality
    • Improve continuity of service for optimal management of your electrical installation and better productivity


    • Panel instrumentation
    • Sub-billing / cost allocation
    • Remote monitoring of an electrical installation
    • Extensive power-quality monitoring
    • Contract and load curve optimization
    • EN50160 electricity supply compliance checking
    • Metering of other utilities


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