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    American HVAC Valve Actuators

    This is a legacy product

    This Product is Obsolete

    HVAC Valve Actuators offer industry leading control, field flexibility and energy efficient.

    American HVAC Valve Actuators
    • Features

      Product Cross-Reference

      Schneider Electric manufactures hundreds of HVAC valve actuators that are available in a wide range of sizes, torque ratings and input signals. There are many options to choose from including direct mount electric, remote mount electric, spring-return, non-spring return and pneumatic. Our HVAC valve actuators are available with built-in features to give you greater control in the field without the need for field add-ons. Choose from factory mounted or linkages for field installation.

      Numerous HVAC valve actuator options are available to choose from in the following categories:

      • Ball Valve Actuators
      • Electric Actuators for Butterfly Valves
      • Electric Actuators for Globe Valves
      • Electric-Hydraulic Actuators for Globe Valves
      • Electric-Linear Actuators for Globe Valves
      • Pneumatic Actuators for Globe Valves
      • Zone – Electric Actuators
      • Zone – Thermal Electric Actuators
      • Rotary Shoe Valve Actuators
      • Electric – Direct Mount – Spring Return Actuators for Dampers
      • Electric – Direct Mount – Non-Spring Return Actuators for Dampers
      • Foot Mount Actuators
      • Pneumatic Actuators
      • Erie Z-Series, PopTop, MX5000, DuraDrive, VBB, VBS, VBZ, VB2000 HVAC ball valve actuators


      • Accurate control
      • Energy efficient
      • Compatibility
      • Highly integrative
      • High reliability
      • Compact design
      • Quick and easy installation


      • VAV reheat
      • Air handling
      • Heat pumps
      • Unit ventilators
      • Thermal storage
      • Steam
      • Chilled and hot water
      • Mixing and diverting
      • Radiator applications
      • Boiler and chiller control
      • Cooling towers