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    HVAC Thermostats & Controllers

    New global offer of SE7000 Room Controllers headline the industry's broadest offer in this market

    HVAC thermostats and HVAC controllers are affordable and come in a wide range for control of electric, electronic and pneumatic systems.

    HVAC Thermostats & Controllers
    • Features

      Schneider Electric’s range of HVAC thermostat and HVAC controller products are designed to meet today’s demands for quality, reliability, affordability and style. Our offering includes a variety of HVAC products for electric, electronic and pneumatic applications.  Many HVAC products are offered in digital and non-digital format displays and are compatible with a variety of control signals. Schneider Electric’s HVAC thermostats and HVAC controllers are elegantly styled and affordable. These are the best choice for fast and easy installation and operation.

      Our HVAC thermostats and HVAC controllers offering includes a wide range of products for various applications in the following categories:

      • Electric
      • Electronic
      • Pneumatic


      • Highly reliable and affordable
      • Full range of controller products
      • Fast and easy installation


      • HVAC Equipment
      • Relays
      • Reset Differential
      • Fan Speed
      • Temperature
      • Sequencing
      • Humidity Control
      • Pneumatic Actuators and Dampers