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    Conext XW

    Off-grid solar inverters

    Advanced inverter/charger for solar energy systems and backup power applications

    Conext XW
    • Features

      The Conext XW inverter/charger features sine-wave power and advanced battery charging technology. The product line offers inverter/chargers in power levels from 4 kW to 6 kW in an expandable configuration allowing for future system growth in either single or three-phase applications up to 36 kW.
      The products can be used in either a grid-tied with battery backup or off-grid application to suit a wide variety of installations.


      • True sine-wave output
      • Models available in 230 V / 50 Hz or 120/240 V/60 Hz
      • 24 V models rated at 4000 VA and 48 V models rated at 4500 VA or 6000 VA
      • High surge capacity – Full 200% rated output power is delivered to loads
      • All models suitable for off-grid or hybrid/backup power applications
      • Single-phase and three-phase configurations possible
      • Up to four inverters can be installed in parallel to create larger single-phase systems up to 24 kVA
      • Up to two inverters per phase can be connected for three-phase installations up to 36 kVA
      • Dual AC inputs (grid and generator) with automatic transfer; external transfer switch not required
      • Efficient, power factor corrected, high-current, multistage battery charging
      • Configurable auxiliary output
      • Non volatile memory stores parameter settings
      • Full control of generator with optional automatic generator start (AGS)
      • 230 V/ 50 Hz model CE and RCM marked and 120/240 V/ 60 Hz model UL/CSA certified
      • Mounting bracket included
      • Local LED display on inverter shows output power, charge current and battery level, to provide system status at-a-glance
      • Network communication capability allows device settings and activity to be communicated to other plug-and-play devices, such as System Control Panel (SCP), Automatic Generator Start (AGS) and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.


      • Residential
      • Commercial