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    GJL Mag-Gard Motor Circuit Protectors

    Ampere rating from 3-75A

    This Product is Obsolete

    Instantaneous-trip magnetic-only circuit breakers with ampere rating from 3-75A

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    GJL Mag-Gard Motor Circuit Protectors
    • Features

      The compact GJL Mag-Gard® instantaneous-trip circuit breaker is magnetic-only for providing short circuit protection of motor circuits. It complies with NEC® when installed as part of a UL Listed combination controller having motor overload protection. It is designed to give reliable and superior performance for control panels or motor control centers on electrical systems up to 600Y/347 Vac.

      Key Features
      • Designed for motor control applications from 3-75A at up to 600Y/347 Vac
      • Mag-Loc™ allows to adjust magnetic trip setting between 3 and 11 times the rated current
      • UL magnetic trip setting tolerances are -20% and +30% from the nominal value
      • Tamper-resistant cover seal provided for trip settings
      • Flexible design and can be used with versatile handle operating mechanisms
      • Extensive selection of snap-in field installable accessories same as the equivalent GJL circuit breaker
      • Available in unit mount construction
      • UL Recognized, CSA, IEC certified
      Product Details:
      GJL36003M01 – 3A, Adj. magnetic trip range 9-33A
      GJL36007M02 – 7A, Adj. magnetic trip range 21-77A
      GJL36015M03 – 15A, Adj. magnetic trip range 45-165A
      GJL36030M04 – 30A, Adj. magnetic trip range 90-330A
      GJL36050M05 – 50A, Adj. magnetic trip range 150-550A
      GJL36075M06 – 75A, Adj. magnetic trip range 225-825A


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