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    TeSys LT6

    Multifunction thermal relays

    This Product is Obsolete

    3-pole multifunction relay, for thermal protection and control of motors from 0.2 to 800 A

    TeSys LT6
    • Features

      • It protects: against thermal overloads, temperature overruns (PTC probe), phase imbalance, earth leakage current, no-load operation, long starting, overtorque and rotor locking, etc
      • It provides: fault and alarm indication via a remote display unit, motor control, etc
      • Rated current:
      0.2…1 A, 1…5 A: LT6-P0M005FM 5… 25 A: LT6-P0M025FM
      > 25 A: use an LT6-CT external current transformer with 1 A or 5 A secondary current
      • Communication via bus (works with or without):
      - Protocol: Uni-Telway, Jbus/Modbus
      - receipt of configuration parameters
      - exchange of data: measurements, logs, counters, etc
      • On front panel: 7-segment display unit for viewing protection faults, test pushbutton, reset pushbutton, DIP switch, serial interface (9-pin SUB-D)

      Sales discontinued : end December 2007


      Flexible, multifunction protection

      The LT6 multifunction relay incorporates multiple functions which can be configured locally or remotely, and communication via a bus and its I/O, making it an intelligent protector, ideal for the highly demanding motor protection environment.


      • Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:
      - Motor protection and control
      - Protection: thermal overloads, phase loss and imbalance, stalling, reversal of direction of phase rotation, no-load operation and long starting, earth leakage current, etc


      • Multifunction protection relay: LT6-P
      • Current transformer: LT6-CT