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    Ball Valves and Actuators

    As assemblies, the SmartX Valve Actuators and VBB/VBS Series Ball Valves gives users the freedom and flexibility to easily optimize and precisely control a wide variety of applications.

    Interchangeable valves and valve actuators make it simple to implement upgrades and accommodate building system changes.

    Ball Valves and Actuators
    • Features

      Engineered as a complete ball valve assembly, the VBB/VBS series of valves and SmartX actuators are designed to be interchangeable and easily configured in the field. The VBB/VBS series ensures valve and actuator compatibility and the easiest possible installation as well as configuration of control signals via dip switches. This powerful duo delivers the best of both worlds; a unique, low force valve design and a compact actuator that together create a solution that truly speaks to customer needs.


      high-performance, energy efficiency, reliability, easy configuration and maintenance.


      hot or chilled water, VAV, re-heat, fan coil and unit ventilation applications