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    Foxboro - Process Liquid Analytical

    Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line liquid analytical measurements

    Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line measurements of pH, ORP, ion selective electrode activity, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen.

    Foxboro - Process Liquid Analytical
    • Features

       Conductivity Sensors:
      • Broadest range of electrodeless sensors to meet all application requirements
      • Safest sensor (871FT) for measuring dangerous chemicals due to calibration from outside the pipe
      •  Patented calibration tool enables fast, accurate calibration
      •  PEEK body electrodeless sensors do not rely on mechanical seals to protect sensor internals from process ingress.  The industry's most robust electrodeless sensors.
      •  High accuracy contacting sensors for critical pure and ultrapure water measurements

      pH and ORP Sensors:
      •  Best performing flat membrane pH electrode for abrasive and fouling applications
      •  Built-in solution ground for sensor diagnostics
      •  Nafion ion barrier to protect reference junction from poisoning
      •  Non metallic wetted parts and wide temperature range
      •  Smart pH sensor stores calibration data in on board memory, allowing for sensor calibration in an instrument shop or laboratory environment

      Analyzers and Transmitters
      •  Transmitters are intrinsically safe for Zone 0 applications
      •  HART communications and HART Device Type Manager (DTM) for remote configuration
      •  Sensor diagnostics and 100 event log book for capturing unusual events
      •  Enclosures are IP66 and NEMA 4X for challenging industrial installations
      •  Line powered analyzers and loop powered transmitters work with the same sensor types


      For Conductivity Sensing:
      •  Long sensor life
      •  High accuracy
      •  Easy to install, remove and calibrate
      •  High degree of safety
      •  Flexible matching of materials to meet application requirements
      •  Application expertise and 24/7 technical support

      For pH Sensing:
      •  Long sensor life
      •  Low maintenance
      •  Fast, easy, reliable calibrations
      •  Flexible matching of materials to meet application requirements
      •  Application expertise and 24/7 technical support

      For Analyzer and Transmitter Operation:
      •  Easy to configure
      •  Predictive and failure diagnostics for effective sensor management
      •  High accuracy
      •  Flexible configuration interfaces, local or remote
      •  Easy switch to a different application due to built-in measurement and chemical information
      •  Comply with hazardous area safety requirements
      •  Interface to plant communications standards.  HART and 4 to 20 mA.


      •  Concentration of acids, bases and salts; interface detection; scrubber pH, reactor control
      Pulp and Paper
      •  pH in bleach plant, brown stock washing, white liquor strength, digester alkali, black liquor spill detection, pH in paper machine
      •  Pure water pH, scrubber pH, condensate conductivity, boiler feed water, cooling towers
      Food and Beverage
      •  Clean-in-Place conductivity, pH in ethanol production, brine concentration, product quality, salt content, caustic peelers, rendering plant pH, bottled water conductivity, juice, yogurt, cheese
      Water and Waste
      •  pH adjustment, pH and dissolved oxygen in waste water, fluoridation of drinking water
      •  Waste water treatment, steam condensate, boiler feed water


      • PH12 Sensor
      • 875PH Analyzer
      • PH10 DolpHin Sensor
      • 871FT Sensor
      • 871PH Sensor