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    Altivar 1260 Drive

    A versatile medium voltage pump, fan, and compressor drive serving multiple segments.

    The Altivar 1260 is a versatile medium voltage pump, fan, and compressor drive serving multiple segments. Its modular design allows a wide range of ratings and the intuitive architecture makes it easy to operate across the full life cycle.

    Altivar 1260 Drive
    • Features


      The air cooled Altivar 1260 is composed of a diode rectifier and a medium-voltage IGBT inverter designed to control both synchronous and induction AC motors in a wide variety of industrial applications.

      Its modular high quality design allows a wide range of power (700 to 6,500 HP @ 4,160V, 3 phase), while the intuitive architecture makes the Altivar 1260 more reliable and easy to use and maintain across its full life-cycle.

      Key features:

      • Modular and scalable architecture
      • Close coupled or separate rectifier transformer
      • Flexibility for multiple options and configurations (multi-motor and sync & transfer applications)
      • Powerful CPU with embedded programmable control
      • Single voltage auxiliary power feed
      • High quality enclosure
      • 24/36-pulse rectifier with MV IGBT inverter
      • Powerful control & motor protective functions
      • Output sine wave filter
      • Intelligent diagnostics and data trending capabilities
      • Easy to navigate local Human-Machine-Interface
      • Web Application for remote monitoring & control
      • High converter efficiency
      • Integrated UPS for control backup
      • Slide out power modules
      • Conservatively rated components
      • Low component count
      • 24/30 month warranty
      • Front only access
      • Variety of communication protocols
      • Conformal boards
      • Film capacitors
      • Tin-platted copper DC bus
      • DC bus discharge circuit
      • Ground detection system
      • Ultra-fast rectifier fuses
      • 3-level NPC topology


      • Grid and motor friendly
      • Lower total cost of ownership
      • Lower energy consumption
      • Easy and fast to maintain
      • Intuitive operator interfaces
      • Lower footprint and reduce HVAC load by moving transformer outside
      • Higher reliability
      • Easy to customize to your application
      • Many 'standard' features
      • Common spare parts across whole HP range
      • Fast support using remote diagnostics capability
      • Longer equipment life
      • Simple high quality design


      Target applications:

      • Pumping
      • Fans
      • Compressors

      Part of a full line of complementary MV equipment all backed by Schneider Electric’s global energy management experience and world-class customer support services.

      Schneider Electric's ability to deliver a customized solution enables the Altivar 1260 to serve many applications across the entire value chain within the Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals and Power Generation industry segments.