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    MVP-R Panelboard Retrofit

    Retrofit existing NF, NQ, Powerlink™, or other manufacturer's lighting/plug panel

    The Measurement and Verification Lighting Panelboard Retrofit (MVP-R) system is designed specifically with facility and energy managers in mind by allowing them to convert existing panelboards into branch-metered panels.

    MVP-R Panelboard Retrofit
    • Features

      The MVP-R system can be easily integrated into any standard Schneider Electric or third-party panelboard.
      By using the MODBUS™ RTU communication protocol, the MVP-R system conveniently operates with most existing building management or energy management software and analytics tools. The system provides granular, measured, and real-time energy data from lighting and plug loads down to the circuit level.

      • Retrofit any existing NF, NQ, Powerlink™, or other manufacturer's lighting/plug panel
      • Revenue-grade current transformers (CTs)
      • Unlimited number of panels
      • Utilizes Schneider Electric's BCPM model A, Power (kW) & Energy (kWh) on branch circuits and mains (with optional mains CTs
      • Retrofit most eligible existing panelboards regardless of circuit configuration
      • Quickly install MVP-R into new or existing panels
      • Combine data from MVP-R retrofitted panelboards with new MVP panelboards for a consistent view of all of your electrical lighting and plug loads
      • MVP-R does not require purchase of new MVP panelboards



      • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
      • Verify energy savings by circuit, zone, space, or complete lighting system
      • Gain detailed access to energy data
      • Enjoy automated plug load control