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IFE Module

View and control electrical assets with the speed of Ethernet

The IFE Module enable LV circuit breakers to be connected to an Ethernet network. There are 2 reference parts for IFE Module. IFE interface provides an Ethernet access to a single LV circuit breaker. IFE switchboard server incorporates a modbus gateway and provides an Ethernet access to one or multiple circuit breakers, as well as multiple Modbus-SL connected devices.

IFE Module
  • Features

    The IFE Module helps in communication and access to circuit breaker information over an Ethernet network which enables customers to continuously monitor and control electrical equipment assets in order to improve uptime and manage costs very efficiently.

    Using high-speed and reliable Ethernet connectivity to interface with Schneider Electric LV breakers, the IFE modules provide breaker control, event alarms and notifications, and easy viewing of status, diagnostics, maintenance and energy data from each connected circuit breaker over internet. This information can be accessed remotely through an Enterprise Software Layer, or through powerful embedded web pages that are available both remotely and locally.


    • Plug-and-play connection for easy installation
    • Interfaces with Masterpact™ and PowerPact™ circuit breakers
    • Provides high speed access to circuit breaker information
    • Each circuit breaker can be assigned an IP address for high performance and time critical applications
    • 2 Ethernet ports allow daisy-chain network topology (RJ45 ports)
    • Built-in event e-mail alarm notification
    • To optimize your asset and energy management data, connect the IFE Module to I/O Module and FDM128 Monitor