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Altivar Field Drive

This is legacy product, please consider the Altivar Outdoor Drive

This Product is Obsolete

Designed for applications located in harsh environments such as irrigation and Oil & Gas pumping solutions.

Altivar Field Drive
  • Features

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    The Altivar Field Drive is a sealed Type 3R enclosure package that completely isolates all the critical internal electronic components from the outdoor elements.  The result is a maintenance-free design that eliminates the need for air filters and additional cooling devices, such as air conditioning units or heat exchangers.  The Field Drive package comes with all the typical features and options that are available on our other enclosed VFD package offerings.

    • Constant torque (Heavy duty, 150% current limit)
    • Altivar® 71 power converter 
    • 1 to 600 hp, 460 V 
    • 1 to 100 hp, 230 V 
    • Variable torque (Standard duty, 110% current limit)
    • Altivar 61 power converter 
    • 1 to 700 hp, 460 V 
    • 1 to 125 hp, 230 V 



    • Oil & Gas
    • Plumbing
    • Irrigation
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