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MVP NF Panelboards

NF lighting and power distribution panelboards

Offer a wide selection of circuit breakers, accessories, and ready-to-install kits, as well as 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads.

MVP NF Panelboards
  • Features

    Standard panelboard features
    • 480Y/277Vac maximum
    • 600 Amp maximum main circuit breaker or main lugs
    • 18K thru 200K SCCR
    • Fully rated 480Y/277 Volts, 18K/35K/65K AIR
    • Main and sub-feed circuit breakers are hard bussed and vertically mounted
    • 125 Amp maximum branch mounted circuit breakers
    • Interiors are field convertible to top or bottom feed
    • Modular construction to accept field installable sub-feed lugs, thru-feed lugs, and sub-feed breakers
    • Circuit breakers are HACR, SWD, and HID rated
    • Ready-to-install main circuit breaker kits convert main lug interiors
    • VISI-TRIP® indication on branch circuit breakers
    • Suitable for use as service equipment
    • Complete line of UL Listed interiors with 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads
    800 A NF Main Lug Panelboards and 400 A Sub Feed Circuit Breakers
    • Fully assembled 800 A version of NF main lug panelboards
    • NEMA 1 , 3R, 5 and 12 enclosures
    • 400 A sub-feed CB capability available for 600 A and 800 A NF panelboards
    • 600 A and 800 A MLO panelboards (one 400 A LA or LH sub-feed CB may be used with one 250 A KA or KH CB
    • 400 A LC sub-feed CB (250 A KC sub-feed CB cannot be combined with the LC)

    Refer to Digest Section 9 for UL Tested and Certified series ratings


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