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Wall Switch - Vacancy Sensor


This Product is Obsolete

The Schneider Electric Residential Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor directly replaces standard light switches in bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms and utility rooms in accordance with Title 24 requirements for residential lighting.

Wall Switch - Vacancy Sensor
  • Features

    The Vacancy Sensor operates just like a standard light switch, requiring a button press to turn lights on.
    Lights may be turned off with a button press or the sensor will turn off lighting automatically when the area is unoccupied Employing passive infrared (PIR) technology, the sensor reliably detects when the area has been vacated then turns off the lighting automatically after a fixed time delay of 30 minutes.

    The Vacancy Sensor features a ‘grace period’. If the sensor should happen to turn off lighting while the area is occupied, the sensor will monitor the area, and turn lighting back on automatically if motion is detected within 30 seconds of the initial shutoff. Great for retrofits, the Vacancy Sensor fits in existing wall boxes using existing wiring and requires no adjustment

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