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    Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant

    Low voltage metal-enclosed, drawout switchgear designed to contain the effects of arc flash events inside the gear per ANSI/IEEE standard C37.20.7.

    This arc resistant solution features the proven reliability and durability of Masterpact NW power circuit breakers with a unique combination of arc flash mitigation features and upgraded arc flash containment, providing superior protection from the consequences of internal arcing faults.

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    Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant
    • Features


      >Arc flash energy containment occurs on the front, back, and sides, even when the instrument compartment door is open, complying with ANSI Type 2B rating. This simple, stand-alone circuit breaker solution is a space saving design that offers an additional level of protection for personnel. Plus, Power-Zone 4 Switchgear features simple installation and reduced maintenance and inspection requirements.

      Standard Features

      • Industry leading withstand rating of 100 kA @ 635 VAC
      • Patented Masterpact ArcBlok technology for superior arc flash protection
      • NEMA Type 1 enclosure with ANSI Type 2B rating
      • 60" deep and 22" wide design allows for the smallest footprint in the industry
      • Complete line of Masterpact NW Breakers available up to and including 5,000 A
      • Field interchangeable Micrologic™ trip units
      • Bus ratings up to and including 5,000 A
      • Enhanced ventilation system optimizes heat transfer


      • UL® certified and tested in accordance with ANSI C37.20.7
      • ANSI C37.20.1, ANSI C37.51
      • Certified to Canadian Standard C22.2, No. 31
      • UL 1558
      • ANSI C37.13, ANSI C37.16
      • ANSI C37.17, ANSI C37.50
      • UL 1066


      Superior Arc Flash Protection
      • Masterpact NW ANSI Rated Power Circuit Breaker with ArcBlok arc extinguishing technology
      • Industry leading 100kA, 635V short circuit rating
      • Mitigates effects of arc flash energy via passive containment Low Maintenance Design
      • Does not relay on special door seals/vent flaps
      • Internal phase and ground insulated barriers limit propagation Space Efficient
      • Does not increase footprint
      • 60" Deep sections available
      • No minimum lineup width


      Critical Facilities seeking to reduce the effects of arc explosions such as:
      • Oil & Gas
      • Mining & Metals
      • Water/Wastewater
      • Industrial Buildings