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Conext Control

String to Grid monitoring and control system for PV power plants


Conext Control
  • Features

    Conext Control is the global and standardized monitoring solution for large photovoltaic installations. It is designed to operate any site efficiently, in providing to service people the means to make prompt decisions and react accordingly.


    Easy to Install:
    • Robust system made up with devices from the Schneider Electric industry business, to withstand tough environmental conditions


    • Schneider devices from string DC measurement to MV grid connection

    Easy to Service:

    • Complete multi-site monitoring solution from data collection, display, analysis to control and data storage

    Designed for Reliability:

    • Multiple Environmental Over Stressed Testing (MEOST)

    Higher Return on Investment:

    • Standardized solution for high cost efficiency


    • Utility Scale Solar Farms
    • Commercial Rooftop installations