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Altivar 61 (E-Flex)

This is a legacy product. Multi-Featured Enclosed

This Product is Obsolete

A variable torque rated commercial fan and pump drive available in Type 1 or Type 12 construction

Altivar 61 (E-Flex)
  • Features

    E-flex™ Type 1 and Type 12K Pump & Fan Drive
    E-Flex AC drives are packaged, adjustable speed drive solutions for commercial and industrial pump and fan applications.
    The E-Flex drive is the perfect solution for large HVAC systems where flexibility, functionality, structural integrity, ease of use, and reliability are concerns for the user.
    Square D product details, like standard options and HVAC control interfacing, allow users to stay focused on their business and not ours. E-Flex AC drives utilize Altivar® 61 drive technology in a unique packaged power converter ("flex-drive") design that extends the specification ratings beyond a standard Altivar 61 drive. E-Flex drives are compatible with Altivar® 61 communication cards, I/O extension cards and operator interface options.

    Features and Benefits

    Application flexibility - full range of E-Flex drives to meet specific indoor and outdoor applications

    Type 1 enclosure for indoor, non-dusty environments
    Type 12K enclosure for indoor, dusty/wet environments
    Type 3R enclosure for outdoor, rain or shine environments
    (10° to 50°C ambient temperatures)
    Industrial product integrity

    coordinated circuit breaker eliminates line input fuse requirements
    UL 508C coordinated listing for drive and bypass options
    industrial rated control operators and pilot devices
    fully rated motor isolation and bypass with mechanical and electrical interlock
    Type 1 or 12K (conduit knockouts) construction
    Reduced installation cost and commissioning time

    top and bottom conduit entry provides installation flexibility
    pre-punched conduit entry location saves on installation time
    pre-programmed for HVAC variable torque applications
    Type 2B wiring terminals provides ease of wiring
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