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    Modicon X80 Modules

    The common platform for Quantum Ethernet I/O, M340 PAC, and M580 ePACs

    All modules with X80 form factor: backplane, power supply, I/O digital, I/O analog, communication, expert, etc.

    Modicon X80 Modules
    • Features

      The X80 family incorporates the compatible modules common for Quantum Ethernet I/O drops and M340 PLC, all with a M340 form factor.
      Included are: backplane, all in-rack modules, power supply, Ethernet RIO module drop head, all I/O modules, communication modules (except Ethernet), and expert modules. 
      Not included are: M340 CPU and Ethernet modules BMXNO••••• (as they can be used in M340 PLC only).

      Based on the latest I/O technology
      • Innovative I/O
      • Robust
      • Compact
      • High quality
      • International certifications (including marine, ATEX, nuclear)
      • Hot swap
      • Wide selection of modules: digital I/Os, analog I/Os, expert, communication
      • Long term offer (new)

      High level services
      • Through Unity Pro
      • With structured data (Device DDT), simplifying diagnostics
      • Using bit forcing to simplify simulation

      New functionalities
      • Modbus serial link in your X80 drops with QEIO
      • Sequence Of Event Time Stamped at source in a solution mode without program

      • All M340 existing modules are supported by X80 drop of QEIO (except AS-I, NOR, SSI)
      • One X80 drop can support two racks along 30m, just like the M340 PLC (up to 4 racks for M340)
      • Maximum number of supported X80 drops: 16 for 140CPU6x1xx and 31 for 140CPU6x2xx



      A common I/O platform
      Reduce your maintenance and training costs: same spare parts in your stock, unique training for different PAC


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