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    Optimize grid operations and planning

    Providing IT/OT transformation with situational awareness and grid automation of electric utility networks

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      Schneider Electric’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) provides the most comprehensive network management solution, including monitoring, analysis, control, optimization, planning, and training tools that all function on a common representation of the entire electric grid.

      By merging supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), outage management (OMS), distribution management (DMS), energy management (EMS), and distributed energy resource management (DERMS) systems into one secure, unified solution, it can maximize the benefits possible from a growing deployment of intelligent grid devices, distributed renewable energy, advanced metering, and all things smart grid.


      Schneider Electric's ADMS offers many key benefits such as:

      • Greater network reliability
      • Improved operational efficiency
      • Reduced operations costs
      • Increased safety
      • Enhanced security
      • Support for regulatory compliance
      • Better asset utilization
      • Standards-based integration


      • Distribution Management (DMS)
      • SCADA- Outage Management (OMS)
      • Energy Management (EMS)
      • Distributed Energy Management (DERMS)
      • Microgrid Control W
      • Work Order Management (WOM)
      • Field Mobility
      • Operational Asset Management (OAM)
      • Network Planning
      • Operator Training Simulator (OTS)