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    Automatic Weather Stations

    Design and implementation of modular, flexible weather stations

    Experience, accuracy, and reliability for best decision making

    Automatic Weather Stations
    • Features

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      • Modularity -- Remote terminal unit (RTU) accepts any number of Acquisition Blocks; as needs grow or change, you can build or modify your station with additional acquisition capability
      • Flexibility -- Advanced software supports a broad range of analog and serial sensors
      • Configurability -- Baseline software also enables user-friendly setup for sensor measurements, calculations, data logging, and versatile data communications
      • Remote access -- An embedded Web server is included for easy diagnostics and monitoring via any Web browser
      • Powerful information management -- The RTU Head Unit (CPU) is designed for maximum calculation power, data logging, and communication facilities to cover the most critical requirements with improved accuracy
      • Advanced communications -- The weather station provides interfaces with many types of telemetry devices and intelligent sensors
      • Secure TCP/IP networking -- You benefit from built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet and optional embedded encryption


      Schneider Electric's automated weather stations are configurable to meet each user's needs

      Automated weather station solutions range from individual units, designed for scalability, to monitoring platforms and networks utilizing leading technology and suitable for National Weather Services.  Regardless of the scope and application, the automated weather station is a solution that delivers maximum functionality, reliability, and return on investment.


      User's range in size from National Weather Services, providing weather information for an entire country, to an individual organization, such as an airport, collecting weather data for particular location.