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    WeatherSentry Online Wind Energy Edition

    Weather management tools designed for wind farms

    Advanced weather information and alerts designed to help wind farms operate safer, more efficiently

    WeatherSentry Online Wind Energy Edition
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      • Location-specific, customizable alerts
      • Real-time lightning display and detection
      • Available via PC or mobile device
      • Ability to submit questions online to an experienced meteorologist, any time of the day or night
      • Real-time weather conditions, plus daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the immediate 36 hours
      • Historical lightning strike data for post-storm analysis
      • Available worldwide


      Wind energy's most complete lightning safety solution

      • Real-time lightning display and detection to visualize the proximity of strikes
      • Customizable, location-specific alerts for conditions of most importance to you, plus an all-clear alert for when it's safe to resume activities outside
      • Online Q and A with an experienced meteorologist, any time of the day or night, for professional insight when making import decisions
      • Convenient access via PC or mobile device -- plus new smartphone apps for Android™ and Apple® iPhone® devices that deliver GPS-based forecasts and alerts for crew's exact location


      • Maintenance crews need advance warning of lightning strikes in the area to safely evacuate from both the turbine and the wind farm itself
      • Control centers need location-specific, real-time lightning information for the exact coordinates of where they have crews in the field
      • Maintenance crews need to know when to evacuate and when it is safe to return to the field
      • Wind farms need a complete weather solution beyond just lightning information; for example, it is more productive to perform routine maintenance on a calm day with little to no wind