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Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors

Hyde Park Ultrasonic sensors - SC, SM, VC & VM

Comprehensive range of sensors using the Ultrasonic technology with detection of any material, irrespective of color, light ambiance, without adjustment or correction factor

Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Features

    Ultrasonic sensor with solid-state discrete output

    • Cylindrical or flat formats
    • Sensing distances: 10 cm to 8m (adjustable using teach mode).
    • PNP or NPN selectable outputs, NO or NC function

    Ultrasonic sensor for level monitoring

    • For controlling 2 levels (emptying and filling levels)
    • Cylindrical formats Ø 18 and Ø 30 mm (plastic case)
    • Sensing distance from 50 cm to 2 m (adjustable using teach mode).

    Ultrasonic sensor with analogue output

    • Analogue output 4…20 mA or 0…10V
    • Cylindrical or flat format
    • Sensing distances from 50 cm to 8 m (adjustable using teach mode)


    Detection of any material, irrespective of color, light ambiance at the same distance, without adjustment or correction factor.

    Define your effective sensing range, avoiding foreground or background detection perturbation, by simply pressing a button (teach mode)



    Packaging, automotive, paper industry, machine tool, assembly, food & beverage processing, water treatment etc.

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