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Harmony XVGU 60 mm Tower Lights

The XVGU tower light for use with Magelis HMI Offer

Part of Harmony

Harmony XVGU is a monolithic tower light with USB cable connection, easy to configure and install. User configuration is done on location through Vijeo Designer on Magelis™ HMI devices which also intelligently manages all power and signaling.

Harmony XVGU 60 mm Tower Lights
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    Harmony XVGU Tower Light is a one-piece tower design that connects directly with the Magelis HMI using a USB cable connection. Through the Magelis HMI, the Harmony XVGU Tower Light is easy to configure, easy to install, and is uniquely designed to provide enhanced notification providing a wide variety of color and pattern combinations.
    • Simple installation - The Harmony XVGU Tower Light comes with a pre-assembled USB cable that allows the operator to configure and power the device simply by connecting directly to the Magelis HMI. No additional wiring is required between the tower light and the HMI panel. Two mounting methods are available – 100mm pole mounting, or direct mounting, both methods require a mounting plate which is delivered with the tower light.
    • Easy to configure - The Harmony XVGU Tower Light can be configured on-location through Vijeo Designer using a Magelis HMI with a USB connector.
    • Unique design - The Harmony XVGU Tower Light is a one-piece LED tower design, 60 mm diameter, with a built-in USB cable provided with a clamp to prevent unintended removal. The tower is constructed of three multi-colored LED signaling layers and a buzzer unit.
    • Enhanced configuration settings on the Harmony XVGU Tower Light include: Multi-colored LEDs capable of 64 color combinations based on red, orange, green, and blue -256 signaling patterns between the three LED lights
    • Signaling patterns that can be set to fast or slow -Buzzer tones that can be adjusted to sound at low, high or constant level, or set to be inactive With only two design options, either direct mount or pole mount, the selection process is both easy and straight-forward for customers


    • The Harmony XVGU Tower Light is an innovative and intelligent design controlled and configured through a Magelis HMI.
    • It is easy to install with just one USB cable connected to the HMI that allows the operator to power and configure the device; no additional wiring is required


    • Automotive
    • Machine tool
    • Material handling
    • Packaging
    • Assembly stations
    • Conveyors
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