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    AccuSine+ Active Harmonic Filters

    Power correction system to mitigate harmonics and reduce voltage fluctuations

    Enhance network reliability, boost system capacity, and reduce operating expenses

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    AccuSine+ Active Harmonic Filters
    • Features


      AccuSine PCS+ and AccuSine PFV+ for harmonic filtering and  reactive power compensation

      Power quality issues like harmonics and reactive power can cause problems including equipment damage and reduced reliability, increased operating expenses, and even expensive downtime and lost productivity.

      Overheating equipment, flicker issues, and utility penalty charges for poor power factor are just a few symptoms of power quality issues. AccuSine™ PCS+/PFV+ active filters provide a simple and effective way to mitigate harmonics and reduce process related voltage fluctuations.
      Improve electrical network reliability and system capacity while reducing operating costs with one, simple solution.

      Most effective and flexible solution for reactive current optimization:
      • Real-time dynamic current injection for harmonic cancellation and VAR compensation (lead or lag power factor)
      • Response to load fluctuations within 2 cycles for harmonics, 1/4 cycle PF or mains balancing
      • UL Type 1, UL Type 2, UL Type 12, IP31 and IP54 Enclosures
      • Seismic rated per ICC
      • Power electronics IGBT; 3 level inverter 
      • Harmonic Operational Features: % THDi set point and % THDv set point 
      • Easy-to-use touch screen interface 
      •  DPF compliance to all utility standards 
      •  Easy remote monitoring and operational control 
      • Eliminate flicker and improve processes
      • Extended equipment life
      • Comply with utility standards and DPF
      • Mains current balancing
      • Compensates entire network or specific loads depending on installation point 
      • Parallel connection allows for easy retrofit and installation of multiple units for large networks
      • Parallel operation: Master/Master, Master/Slave
      • Communication: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP

      How to Videos


      • Maximize system utilization and planning 
      • Reduce utility power factor penalties 
      • Increase electrical network reliability and reduce operating costs 
      • Prevent resonance 
      • Optimize uptime
      • Extend equipment life
      • Reduce costly unplanned downtime and lost productivity
      • Decrease harmonic related equipment overheating



      Commercial Buildings
      Data Center
      Food & Beverage
      Water Wastewater