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    PowerPact D Frame Mission Critical Circuit Breaker

    This is a legacy product

    This Product is Obsolete

    "PowerPact™ D-frame electronic trip molded case circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. All circuit breakers are designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overcurrent. The D-frame circuit breakers use an electronic trip system to signal the circuit breaker to open automatically."

    PowerPact D Frame Mission Critical Circuit Breaker
    • Features

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      The Square D brand PowerPact® D-Frame mission critical circuit breaker delivers high levels of selective coordination in a flexible design that can be easily configured for a variety of applications. Tested to be selectively coordinated with the QO(B) family of branch circuit breakers through 30 kA fault current, this solution delivers full selective coordination downstream of Square D brand transformers ranging from 15 kVA to 300 kVA.

      • Ratings

                  UL489 listed
                  - CSA certified
                  - Voltage: 208 Y/120 V
                  - Handle ratings: 60–600 A
                  - AIR: 65 kA
                  - Selective coordination rating: 30 kA with QO(B) family of branch breakers

      • Available configurations

            Main breaker in NQ panelboards coming soon
              - Unit mount for OEM users
              - Plug-in base for OEM users
              - Draw-out base for OEM users

      • Electronic trip unit with long-time settings in four sizes
                - 150 A, 250 A, 400 A, 600 A
      • Flexibility in design with a wide range of factory or field installable accessories and operating mechanisms
      • Provides full selective coordination when used with the QO(B) family of branch breakers downstream from a 15 – 300 kVA Square D transformer 



    • Emergency Power Systems
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Selective Coordination
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Data Centers