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    ReactiVar Hybrid VAR Compensator

    Real-time infinitely variable reactive compensation system

    Real time power factor correction, voltage support and harmonic filtering.

    ReactiVar Hybrid VAR Compensator
    • Features


      ReactiVar® Hybrid VAR Compensator (HVC) provides real time power factor correction, voltage support, and harmonic suppression in electrical distribution networks with highly cyclical load profiles. Benefits include increased system capacity, improved product quality, increased system reliability and proven energy savings.

      The HVC system mixes fixed banks of standard, tuned or de-tuned capacitor banks and AccuSine® PFV electronic VAR compensation unit to provide rapid response and "stageless" kVAR control never before seen in a power factor correction product. It can be applied either in low voltage or medium voltage electrical distribution networks. 
      • Ultra fast reactive current compensation for transient or cyclical loads.
      • Infinitely variable control. • Instantaneous response for inrush support.
      • Independently compensates each phase.
      • Heavy duty dry capacitors provide no risk of fluid leakage, no environmental pollution and no need for drip pans.
      • Iron core reactors de-tune or tune the network to prevent resonance and remove up to 50% of the 5TH harmonic (when required).
      • IGBT based power electronic technology.
      • Constructed with removable 12 gauge steel panels over a 12 gauge steel frame. Indoor Type (NEMA) 1 units are finished with ASA 49 gray polyester paint.

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      • Increase system capacity
      • Improve product quality and productivity
      • Lower energy costs
      • Increase system reliability
      • Reduce operating expenses
      • Lower substation equipment and bussing cost
      • Reduce repair and maintenance cost



      Ideal for industrial networks containing highly transient or unstable loads.