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    SCADAPack E

    DNP3/IEC60870 centric Smart RTU

    Smart Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for applicaitons in challenging environments

    SCADAPack E
    • Features

      Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Supporting open event-driven protocols such as DNP3 and IEC 60870-5, the SCADAPack 300E and ES range provide a scalable controller platform that ensure end to end reliable and secure control and monitoring of remote asset in critical infrastructure.

      Wide range of connectivity: Ethernet  IP/Series, integration with long range radios, public networks and satellite systems
      Flexible I/O configuration:

      3 Pulse counter inputs
      8 Analog Inputs 15 bit resolution
      16 Digital Inputs
      10 Relay Outputs
      2 Analog Outputs (optional)
      I/O can be expanded using external modules  
      Event logging of critical data: Up 20,000 events (40,000 in case of SP ES) can be logged in the controller’s memory
      Enhanced security suite: IEEE1711 encryption & IEC62351 authentication, support of DNP3 level 4
      Remote configuration: Remote programming, configuration and diagnostics
      Note: Configured using E-Series Configurator tool and programmed using IEC61131 ONLY


      Smart RTU for Challenging Applications

      Industrial hardened: Designed for remote applications, offers higher degree of reliability and longevity
      Remote communication: Integrates with virtually any communication network including Trio radios and 3G mobile networks
      Optimised for WWW applications: Integrated PLC/RTU, reports to multiple masters, routing between communication ports
      Integrated Security Suite: Supports data encryption and authentication using IEEE1711 and IEC62351 standards


      Water & Wastewater

      Lift/Booster Station for 4 pumps
      Demand billing