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    MiCOM P72x

    High Impedance Differential

    High Impedance Differential

    MiCOM P821
    • Features

      The P72x high impedance differential protection series provide independent and simple high impedance differential protection for generator, reactor, motor and busbar applications where fast clearance of faults is required.

      As well as offering the same application benefits as traditional high impedance electromechanical protection schemes, it combines the added benefits of numerical technology to provide advanced communications, event records, fault records, disturbance records and ancillary protection features.

      Combined with the P79x, a standalone metrosil and resistor unit, it provides simplified scheme engineering for single or three-phase differential applications.

      Contractual warranty
      Period : 2 years


      Numerical High Impedance Relay
      • Simple scheme engineering
      • Reliable algorithm - stable for through fault and fast trip for internal fault
      • Supervision functions included in the same protection box
      • Set by current or voltage
      • Numerical relay features


      P72x offers reliable protection for busbars, transformers windings, generators, reactors and motors. P721 is suitable for restricted earth fault (REF) or balanced earth fault (BER) applications. P723 is suitable for busbar and machine phase differential protection.