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    American HVAC Damper Actuators

    Superior air control features that help ensure environmental safety and energy efficiency

    HVAC damper actuators with proven construction are easy to configure and install.

    American HVAC Damper Actuators
    • Features

      Schneider Electric provides comprehensive ranges of HVAC damper actuators for the control of air dampers in buildings. With reliability and proven construction our HVAC damper actuators are easy to configure and install.


      • DuraDrive Mx4x-7xxx
      • DuraDrive Mx4x-6xxx
      • MK-3xxx, MK-7xxx, M5xx
      • MA-3xx, MA-4xx, MP-2xxx, MP-3xx, MP-4xx, MP-9xxx


      • Reliable
      • Proven construction
      • Easy to configure
      • Easy to install


      Controlling air dampers in buildings