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Programmable Automation Controller (PacDrive) M

This is a legacy product

This Product is Obsolete

Proven logic motion technology for packaging and production machines

SE Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    PacDrive M is based upon proven logic motion technology, which unifies PLC, motion, and robotics control functionality on a single hardware platform. With its centralized system architecture, PacDrive is the ideal solution for controlling a broad range of servo-driven production and packaging machines, as well as material handling equipment and robotics, using fully integrated, IEC 61131-3-compliant program structures. More than 50,000 machines worldwide are controlled by PacDrive M.

    Product support resources
    • For Technical Phone Support call the CIC (Customer Information Center)
      at 1-888-SquareD (888-778-2733). From the home menu, choose Option #1,
      then on the following menu select Option #2.
    • For Logistics/Service Support call the CIC (Customer Information Center)
      at 1-888-SquareD (888-778-2733). From the home menu, choose Option #3. One integrated, scalable automation platform
      • PLC, motion/robotics and IT functionality, no additional and/or proprietary hardware required for the complete machine (incl. robotics)
      • Scalable controller performance from 0 to 99 servo drives/ up to 30 robots
      • Fully integrated Ethernet-based communication using SERCOS II
      • Open system, supporting other field busses as well as TCP/IP communication


    Complete automation solutions
    • Tools supporting the engineering process, including commissioning and diagnostics
    • Application libraries and open source software reduce engineering times and optimize software quality Servo drives, multi/single axis solutions and integrated servo drives
    • Brushless servo motors with high resolution absolute encoders
    • Supports direct drives (linear/torque motors)
    • Complete range of HMI solutions
    • Components for motor protection, speed control, positioning solutions and I/O solutions on various field bus standards
    • Robotic solutions (kinematic packages, including drives, electronics and software) up to IP 65
    • Plug & play technology for fast commissioning and component replacement
    • Support of modular machine design in hardware/software


    Simple Machine Control
    Material Handling
    Conveyance Lines
    Material Working
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