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    Gas-insulated switchgear with gas-insulated busbar for heavy duty applications up to 38kV.

    GHA is UL listed and offers high ratings for 38kV applications. This robust, gas-insulated switchgear has a unique busbar system incorporating busbar link or B-Link technology which eliminates the need for gas handling on-site. This allows end-users to take advantage of the benefits of complete gas-insulation with a more eco-friendly solution.

    • Features

      GHA is compact and modular switchgear incorporating the reliability of vacuum circuit breaker technology with gas-insulation. GHA is designed as functional modules, which are connected using the reliable and innovative B-link connectors. This compact and reliable equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications, performs in highly polluted environments, and is designed to be installed next to a wall.

      Electrical and Construction Data:
      • Rated voltage: 38kV
      • Single and double busbar
      • Insulation level:
        • Power frequency withstand voltage: 80kV
        • Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 170kV peak
      • Rated current: up to 2500A
      • Short time withstand current: 40kA / 3s
      • Arc resistant: IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B 40kA / 1s
      • Module width: 600-1000 mm
      • Intelligent Gas Density Information System (IDIS)
      • CTs and VTs accessible outside the gas tank
      • VTs are isolated with integrated grounding switch


      Maximize safety and reduce space even for the most demanding applications.
      • No gas handling during installation, extension work, or switchgear replacement
      • Innovative fault-tolerant busbar link "B-link"
      • Intuitive operating interface with active mimic bus
      • Environmentally compatible through sealed-for-life design and easy to recycle system


      GHA has been designed to meet the needs of indoor substations for heavy duty, highly polluted, and very sensitive applications including oil & gas, MMM, water/wastewater facilities, utilities, wind farms, and data centers. GHA is a reliable, economical investment for use in main-feeder and main-tie-main applications, among others.