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VOX is an outdoor dead tank circuit breaker that provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for outdoor substation equipment. The sealed-for-life, maintenance-free tank enables customers to reduce the cost of inspection and maintenance.

  • Features

    VOX dead tank circuit breakers feature vacuum interrupters that are housed in a fully welded, sealed-for-life stainless steel tank, providing a controlled gas-insulated environment immune from external influences such as salt, dust, humidity, small particles, and rodents. A spring charged mechanism provides manual or motorized circuit breaker operation. VOX is available in 38kV.

    Features include:

    • Free standing vacuum circuit breaker
    • Sealed-for-life stainless steel dead tank design
    • Internal arc fault and seismic endurance tested
    • Flexible current transformer configurations with large CT housing
    • No de-rating required for altitudes up to 10000 ft (3000m)
    • Out-of-phase switching for decentralized generation (windfarms)
    • 38kV, 1200A to 2000A, up to 40kA, up to 200kV BIL


    Advanced technology for improved reliability:

    • Cost effective
    • Limited maintenance required
    • Sealed-for-life, zero gasket construction
    • Improved safety due to internal arc fault containment
    • Easy access to the current transformer and control protection functions
    • Small foot print
    • Meets or exceeds the latest ANSI and IEEE standards


    VOX is the ideal, cost-effective choice for both dead and live tank applications, especially when complex protection and current transformer schemes are needed. VOX is a sound investment for distribution needs from high-speed auto-recloser switching to capacitor bank switching, among others.