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    Modicon M168 - Legacy Logic Controller

    Legacy Logic controller dedicated to HVAC & R machines

    This Product is Obsolete

    Logic controller dedicated to HVAC & R machines. This product is no longer offered for sale. Please consider upgdate to Modicon M171 and M172 for these applications.

    Modicon  M168 - Legacy Logic Controller
    • Features

      Simple HVAC control solutions based on two types of Modicon M168 logic controller for a closer match to your requirements.

      > Competitive, innovative solutions for your HVAC & R machines

      • Competitive because the standard configurations of the Modicon M168 dedicated controllers are very similar to the requirements of HVAC & R machines
      • Innovative because they make advanced, energy efficient controls on the key functions of the machine accessible to everyone

      > Optimize the costs and design of your HVAC &  R machines

      • Quickly develop your programs with SoHVAC software specifically for HVAC & R machines
      • Optimum performance/cost ratio with Application Function Blocks or ready-to-use templates
      • "Plug & Play” controllers and variable speed drives for immediate use as soon as they are connected

      > Improve performance while reducing the energy consumption… 

      • … of machines: ready-to-use energy efficient Application Function Blocks on key areas of the machine, which are simple to use and easy to configure
      • … of buildings: BACnet IP/WEB, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP/WEB, LONWorks or KNX communication extensions to create a number of communication levels, from that of the machine to more general management of the building


      The essential connection between you and your HVAC & R machines!

      Specifically designed for HVAC & R applications, Modicon M168 logic controllers provide optimum control of HVAC& R machines, improving their performance by increasing their energy efficiency. This simple to use offer is based on 2 types of logic controller: parametric controllers, which are pre-programmed and ready to use, and programmable controllers for customized control solutions. Communication modules (BACnet IP/WEB, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP/WEB, and LONWorks, KNX) make it easy to integrate them in your building management systems.


      • Air/Water cooled chiller
      • Ground/Air source Heat pumps
      • Rooftop Units
      • Air Handling Units
      • Precision air conditioners
      • Refrigerated display cabinets
      • Compressor Racks


      • SoHVAC, programming software specifically for HVAC & R machines
      • 2 types of dedicated HVAC & R logic controller:Modicon M168 parametric controllers: ready-to-use HVAC control solutions and Modicon M168 programmable controllers: customised HVAC control solutions