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    CitectHMI Software

    Entry level HMI software

    Entry level HMI software designed for OEMs

    9007 A Snap switches
    • Features

      A flexible, reliable and easy-to-use operator interface

      CitectHMI software is designed for the special needs of OEMs:

      • Machinery, plant and equipment manufacturers who require a flexible, easy-to-use operator interface solution
      • Manufacturers of PC-based data acquisition systems that need expanded functionality (displays, trending, alarming and historians) in their product offering
      • Operator Panel Builders that require a flexible, branded customizable software interface to differentiate their hardware offerings

      CitectHMI includes everything you require to get your products to the market as soon as possible. With CitectHMI you get:

      • Key features of the world's largest SCADA system, plus the field-tested reliability of the most reliable monitoring and control package on the market
      • Choice of I/O points
      • All-in-one packaging
      • Flexible Cicode and CitectVBA scripting
      • A selection of drivers from a large library of drivers for most PLCs
      • Language switching for multilingual displays usable anywhere in the world
      • OLE automation for automatic generation of custom graphics
      • Optional OPC Server and CTAPI connectivity only
      • Installation and operation identical to standard Citect software.