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G3 2000 Level G3 Controller

This is a legacy product

This Product is Obsolete

Fast Ethernet-based control for managing a large lighting system.

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G3 2000 Level G3 Controller
  • Features

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    2000 Level System Features
    • Soft mapping for grouping branch circuits into zones that can be operated as a common group. Up to sixty-four (64) independent zone configurable for a single controller.
    • Sixteen (16) on-board input terminations for connecting local control devices to operate individual zones.
    • Sixteen (16) independent input timers to provide a timed override capability.
    • Sixteen (16) independently configurable time schedules, each having 24 separate on/off periods.
    • Seven-day repeating electronic clock, temperature compensated to minimize clock drift.
    • Thirty-two (32) special holiday periods, and automatic computation of sunrise/sunset times
    • Automatic daylight savings setbacks, leap year correction, thirty-two special holiday periods, and automatic computation of sunrise/sunset times.
    • Blink notification to alert occupants of an impending ‘lights out’ command.
    • On-board event log (viewable through PCS software).
    • Breaker run-time counters for tracking burn-time on lighting fixtures.
    • RS232/485 port for serial communications with other systems using industry recognized Modbus protocol, DMX512 protocol.
    • 10BaseT port for peer-to-peer Ethernet communications using Modbus TCP protocol.
    • Ability to share remote status (input commands, time schedules, or zone states) with up to 255 other controllers.
    • Remote source capability for mapping up to four local or remotely located sources (input commands, time schedules, or zone states) with a single zone.
    • Network time synchronization service for coordinating controller time reference with a centralized timeserver.
      Configurable alarm generator for tagging non-responding breakers and other operational parameters (viewable through PCS software).
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    2000 Level G3 Controller

    The 2000 level controller combines the control, input and scheduling features of the 1000 level controller plus the added benefit of embedded Ethernet connectivity. Communicating over a true peer-to-peer control network, the 2000 level controller is capable of sharing input signals, schedules and lighting zones with other controllers

    • Stand-alone lighting control system, meets ASHRAE 90.1 and CA Title 24 requirements
    • 16 hard-wired inputs available for connection to devices with physical dry-contacts
    • 64 communication inputs available for network connection
    • 16 independent time schedules, each can be configured into 24 distinct periods
    • 7-day repeating clock, with changeable automatic daylight savings time
    • Automatic sunrise/sunset tracking with offsets
    • 32 special event periods
    • 32 remote sources for sharing input status, time schedules, or zone status between controllers
    • Full custom logic capabilities, including full Boolean functions and synchronization services
    • RS-232 and RS-485
    • Ethernet 10BaseT
    • Serial communications using Modbus® ASCII/RTU, BACnet MS/TP and DMX512 protocols
    • Ethernet communications using Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP protocols
    • Up to 168 remotely operated circuit breakers per controller
    • UL Listed



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