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    Phaseo ABL6R (Legacy)

    Filtered Rectified Power supplies

    This Product is Obsolete

    Rectified and filtered power supplies, for applications which accept fluctuations in the power supply of + or - 10%, and transformers, for converting a 400 V voltage to an AC voltage of between 24 V and 230 V and supplying sensors and actuators according to their requirements

    Phaseo ABL6R  (Legacy)
    • Features

      Rectified and filtered power supplies: ABL 6R
      • Fixed voltage upstream and downstream, power supplies connected to single-phase and 3-phase supplies. Used to supply all machines and all processes where the accuracy offered by 24 V DC is not necessary
      • Single-phase power supply: 1 > 40A - 24 > 960 W
      • 3-phase power supply 1 > 40A - 24 > 960 W
      Transformers: ABL 6T
      • Input voltage: ~ 230 - 400 +/- 15 V AC single-phase
      • Safety and circuit separation transformers with a nominal power rating of between 25 and 2500 VA


      The energy producer

      Phaseo’s wide range of input voltages ensures simplicity of choice from a limited number of products.


      • Industry and construction: simple machines, transfer, process, automotive sector, etc
      • Service sector: garage doors, etc