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    This is a legacy product. Inductive identification system

    This Product is Obsolete

    Inductive identification via a complete range of badges, inductive heads and stations

    • Features

      Badges :
      • Self-powered, zero-maintenance in the form of tokens, badges or casing, with Eeprom or Feram memory
      • “Logistic" type: < 116 bytes, with read-only fixed code or read/write updatable code, universality of existing main standards (large quantity, low cost)
      • “CIM" type: 512 bytes to 32 Kb, with read/write updatable code and fast reading speed up to 0.5 ms/byte
      The inductive head :
      • Adapted to the badge, which enables the exchange of radio information, range from 25 to 75 mm depending on the model
      The station :
      • Exchange interface with the control system network, no special program, direct dialog between the supervisor and the badge
      • Open to all industrial networks: Unitelway, Interbus S, Fipio, Modbus Plus, etc


      Tracking, flexibility, production management, for real-time data

      The simplicity of an intelligent network, open to all industrial network architectures.


      • Tracking, storage, transfer, access control, and also automation of flexible workshops, etc