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    Lighting and power sockets

    Lighting accessories & power sockets

    This Product is Obsolete


    Lighting and power sockets
    • Features


      An offer designed to fit with the needs of an electrical control panel.

      • Multi-fixing lamps
        • 6 references for the different needs and countries standards:
        • Lamp with socket – 4 options
        • Lamp without socket – 2 options
        • Lamp with presence detection – 1 option
      • Cost effective lamps
        • 2 options with different dimensions to fit any control panel dimension.
      • Portable lamp
        • Designed to be used as enclosure lamp or maintenance lamp.

       Socket strips:

      • Socket strip with switch
      • Socket strip with circuit-breaker


      Facilities and Time saving !


      • Multi-fixing lamp
        • Time saving: fixing the lamp into the enclosure in under 3 second
        • Four different fixing methods in one reference
        • Minimum space required.
        • Money saving: No door switch needed. Presence detector integrated into the lamp.
        • Different socket for different countries
      • Cost effective lamp
        • Money saving: An optimized cost/Benefit ratio
        • Universal: can be fixed to any enclosure
        • Interconnection: Up to 10 lamps in series with only one feed connection.
      • Portable lamps
        • Small dimensions
        • Resistant
        • Easy to wind the cable.

      Socket strips

      • Socket strip with switch
      • Socket strip with circuit-breaker


      • The lamps are designed to be installed inside of any electrical enclosure. Quicker if installed in Schneider Electric universal enclosures ranges
      •  Fully universal indoor applications Dedicated 19” enclosures sockets


      • Multi-fixing lamps
      • Cost effective lamps