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    ClimaSys CC

    Thermal Control


    ClimaSys CC
    • Features

      Thermostats maintain the temperature inside the enclosure and send a signal when certain defined values are exceeded:

      • Maximum value (cooling action).
      • Minimum value (reheating action).

      Range of solutions

      • 16 models.
      • Temperature control: adjustable thermostats; single or double.
      • Relative humidity control: adjustable or fixed hygrostat.
      • Temperature and relative humidity control: adjustable hygrotherm.
      • Certifications: CUL.


      Temperature and Humidity under control!

      Large range of temperature control.

      • Small dimensions.
      • Easily accessible terminals.
      • High connection power.
      • Low cost solution.

      4 types of fixings (novelty): 

      • On 35-mm DIN rail.
      • On Spacial profile.
      • On VDI cross-rail.
      • On mounting plate.


      ClimaSys CC is normally used to maintain the correct temperature/humidity inside the enclosure by controlling fans, heaters, and/or alarms.

      • Industrial automation and industrial control.
      • Outdoors.
      • Water treatments.
      • Automotive industries.
      • OEMs.
      • Electrical distribution.


      • PTC external temperature sensor
      • Quick-fixing systems
      • Bi-metal technology & Electronic technology