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    ClimaSys CE

    Heat exchangers

    Air-air exchangers for high-volume cooling in clean environments

    ClimaSys CE
    • Features

      • 4 models:
      • Specific power options ranging from 14 W/°K to 80 W/°K
      • Input voltage for all models is 1 x 230 V / 50-60 Hz        
      • Material is steel         
      • Available as a side-mounted design only
      Air-water exchangers that tackle highly-polluted environments
      • 35 models:
      • Cooling power options ranging from 1000 W to 15000 W
      • Input voltage is 1 x 230 V / 50-60 Hz or 2 x 400-440V / 50-60Hz, depending on model
      • Material choices include steel and stainless steel, depending on model
      • UL certification
      • Available as side-mounted and top-mounted designs


      Choose air-air exchangers to take advantage of cooler ambient temperatures less than 25°C.

      • Evacuate large amounts of heat while guaranteeing the independence of the internal and external air circuits.
      • Easy maintenance
      • Fast filter replacement 
      • IP 55

      Choose air-water exchangers
      for especially difficult, high-heat environments where no external air circuit is available but a stable cold-water circuit can be supplied.
      •  No filter is required
      • Low maintenance
      • New models made in stainless steel for homogeneous appearance with the enclosures material



      Air-air exchangers

      • Food and beverage 
      • Automotive plants
      • Nuclear
      • Telecom

       Air-water exchanger

      •  Food processing (lactic, sugar, wine)
      • Treatment of water o water source
      • Pumping
      • Cement Industry
      • OEM
      • Refinery
      • Chemical industry       
      • Oil and gas 


      • Air-air exchanger
      • Air-water exchanger