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    StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla

    Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Software Solution

    Ampla manufacturing execution system (MES) delivers real-time visibility of plant and business information so you can improve competitiveness in global markets and maximize shareholder returns. By driving the optimization of production, processes and performance, Ampla increases your operational efficiencies and reduces energy consumption.

    StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla
    • Features

      Now Available Version 6.0
      StruxureWare Plant Operation Ampla
      • Ampla empowers businesses to reduce costs and improve production efficiency, performance, and profitability.
      • Ampla’s Energy Module supports operational and energy managers to identify and track overconsumption of energy usage based on production context.
      • Ampla is used to identify bottlenecks, analyze production downtime causes, calculate key performance indicators, understand your work-in-progress, track the real costs of production and many more operational performance issues.
      • Ampla supports continuous improvement projects to achieve operational excellence.
      • Ampla connects to multiple plant and business systems, collects required data and presents it as easy-to-understand, real-time intelligence for productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting.
      • Ampla’s Architecture has been built to meet the needs of complex and evolving IT requirements by integrating leading edge technologies, sustainable architecture and strong web services capabilities.
      • Ampla’s master data management synchronization, templates and modeling increase data quality between business systems, reduces TCO and reduces deployment time.

      Ampla Modules

      Ampla ProductionAmpla QualityAmpla InventoryAmpla DowntimeAmpla Cost
      Ampla MaintenanceAmpla KnowledgeAmpla PlannerAmpla MetricsAmpla Energy

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      Plant Operation Ampla V6.0 
      Plant Operation Ampla offers 11 modules focusing on specific process areas.
      • Ampla Recipe provides support for implementation of the S88 Batch Control standard. You can create and maintain recipes in the new Ampla Recipe module and when you select production or process orders for execution, Ampla downloads the parameters to plant automation systems.
      • Ampla Downtime enables plant managers to make continuous efficiency improvements by analyzing production downtime causes.
      • Ampla Production enables you to minimize the amount of time, errors, and costs associated with manual and duplicate data entry.
      • Ampla Energy enables operations managers to make continuous energy improvements by analyzing energy over-consumption causes.
      • Ampla Metrics draws data from other Ampla modules to calculate near real-time KPIs and present this information visually in a graphical dashboard display.
      • Ampla Knowledge gives you a complete picture of how your business is performing by capturing important information and knowledge from the people who are closest to the plant.
      • Ampla Inventory gives you the visibility to understand your work-in-progress and to know the real cost of your inventory.
      • Ampla Maintenance enables you to receive the optimal performance from your business equipment by collecting essential data about asset operation and maintenance.
      • Ampla Quality delivers automatic, near real-time qualitative data directly from the production control system to enable key decision makers to better analyze, report, and manage product quality throughout the manufacturing cycle.
      • Ampla Cost empowers you to track the real costs of your business by providing greater visibility into your financial data.
      • Ampla Planner bridges the gap between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the plant floor.


      Drive operational improvement, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency

      Ampla, Schneider Electric’s manufacturing execution software, enables organizations to improve their competitiveness in global markets, increase shareholder returns, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce energy consumption.

      In addition, Ampla empowers manufacturers to:

      • Reduce operating costs
      • Optimize production
      • Increase first-pass quality
      • Decrease waste and reject
      • Gain visibility of real-time data directly from the plant floor
      • Make decisions based on reliable manufacturing data
      • Reduce energy usage and costs


      • Leading global mining and manufacturing organisations use Ampla as their Manufacturing Execution System to drive efficiency.
      • Ampla’s mining specific functionality supports deployment throughout a mine operation and transportation.
      • Ampla’s strengths extend across process driven manufacturing, including water and waste water and food and beverage.