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    StruxureWare Plant Operation CitectHistorian

    Data storage and reporting software

    Translates your plant data and makes it available to business users, helping them drive better business decisions

    StruxureWare Plant Operation CitectHistorian
    • Features

      Now available - Version 4.50 - Click here to learn what's new.
      Vijeo Historian is the information management component of PlantStruxure™, the new Process Automation system of Schneider Electric. It comprises the historian and portal functionalities of the solution, enabling you to accurately store data while connecting your production and business systems through its active data transfers and simple, easy-to-use reporting.

      • Business systems integration : Vijeo Historian reduces the complexity and cost of bridging the divide between senior management and plant operations through its simple, easy-to-use interface and its active data transfers that push data from the control systems up to the business systems.
      • An open data store : Vijeo Historian utilizes 100% Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 as its embedded historical data store. Its open, industry-standard technology and trusted security integrate effortlessly into your business in a way that lowers your total cost of ownership.
      • Enterprise-wide reporting : Vijeo Historian comes with a standard set of pre-configured reports, simplifying basic alarm and tag reporting. The combination of a powerful reporting tool and Process Analyst makes it easier for you to make sense of the huge volumes of process data.
      • Alarm management : Vijeo Historian provides preconfigured alarm rationalization reports based on the EEMUA (Engineering Equipment & Materials Users Association) 191 alarm management guidelines. It helps ensure your plant’s alarm system is effective throughout the life of the plant.
      • Going ‘green’ with the energy reports : Vijeo Historian provides energy reports that help you perform a comprehensive energy assessment of your plant to determine how much energy is being consumed and how much could potentially be saved.

      Our SCADA & MES Global Support offers exclusive online technical support for support customers. Please contact your local Schneider Electric Representative for more information on these great benefits

      Plant Operation Vijeo Historian V4.50
      Vijeo Historian V4.50 introduces a simplified installation process that automates the verification of prerequisite software and Windows components, and installation of all the necessary components identified as missing. Vijeo Historian V4.50 features real-time and historical views into the plant’s process data, allowing measurement of critical operational data, informing optimization decisions. >Download the brochure.
      Vijeo Historian V4.50 is now compatible with the latest Microsoft platforms and technology versions:
      • SQL Server 2008 R2 & 2012
      • Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013
      • .NET Framework 4.5


      Using plant data to meet your business needs

      • Collects, historicizes and delivers meaningful reporting data from multiple, disparate systems
      • Access accurate and timely plant data while translating it into relevant and actionable information
      • A low-risk, low capital investment, open system solution
      • Easy to configure and maintain, and leverages familiar, supported Microsoft technologies
      • Help make more effective decisions while optimizing operational performance
      • Help reduce errors and waste as well as increase quality, improve return on assets and profit margins


      • Business managers can view meaningful, rolled-up production system information from the plant floor in a similar reporting format to typical financial or  business reports.  This can assist them in making strategic decisions for operational performance.
      • Plant managers can drill down into information on prohibitors to improve production efficiency or eliminate spurious alarms.
      • Corporate and plant personnel can quickly and easily create and access meaningful reports in a familiar format and create a single view of operations.