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    Phaseo ABL8

    This is a legacy product

    Single phase and 3-phase power supplies 230 V to 400 V - 12 W to 1440 W. Unregulated filtered rectified power supplies from 0.5 to 60 A

    Phaseo ABL8
    • Features

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      Power supplies for 230/400 V single-phase networks
      • Output voltage: 24V/12-480 W
      • Primary voltage adaptation +/- 15 V
      • Fixing on 35 mm rail (up to 4 A)
      • Output protection by integrated fuse (depending on model)
      • LED display of primary and secondary voltage presence
      Power supplies for 400 V 3-phase networks
      • Output voltage: 24 V / 240-1440 W
      • Primary voltage adaptation +/- 20 V
      • Use of rated power up to +55°C without derating
      • LED display of primary voltage presence


      Bring energy to your automated systems!

      The new generation of filtered rectified power supplies is used for supply of circuits not requiring output voltage regulation.
      Their simple and proven technology enables them to offer greatly extended working life.
      With this new offer, Phaseo proposes simplicity and ruggedness to serve your applications.


      • Industry and building: simple machines, conveying, process, automobile sector, etc.
      • Solenoid valves, contactors, etc.


      • Single-phase power supplies ABL8FEQ240...
      • Single-phase power supplies ABL8FEQ24150 ABL8FEQ24200
      • 3-phase power supplies ABL8TEQ24100 ABL8TEQ24200
      • 3-phase power supplies ABL8FEQ24400 ABL8TEQ24600
      • Single-phase power supplies ABL8FEQ24100